Soak Prekese In Water, Bath With It Every Morning To Cure These Diseases.


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Aridan locally known as "Prekese" used by many Ghanaian due to their numerous health benefits. It is cooked in soup and fed to mothers to prevent post-partum contraction. It is also used to prevent certain types of ulcers, to inhibit the growth of bacteria, as an anti-microbial, to reduce hypertension, to manage asthma, and to promote blood flow..

Taking about "Prekese" let also take note that that belief shows that Prekese plant brings good luck with good spirits, which protect people and no harm can be done to them when this plant is near or it is burned. The plant is used in many ways. It can be consumed, applied and used for medical purposes as well. The spiritual belief of this plant brings Ghana together.

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#Just soak two "Prekese" in water during evening and leave it for use the next day.

#In the morning after bathing then you wash down using the soaked "Prekese" in water.


It is believed that after bathing with this any disease in the form of fever and hypertension will be treat.

Also doing this will also attract good luck.

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