Ladies, Never Do These Things To Test Your Partner.

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Having fun and checking how your partner loves you might be intriguing, however, we must note that some of these things may go horribly wrong. Whether as a joke or normal conversation, there are some things that must be written off the subject of discussion at certain times.

Here I'll show you 3 things I believe you should not think of, not to talk of doing to probably test your partner, especially the male.

1. Announcing that you're pregnant: Especially when you know you both are not ready for this, don't try to joke or test your partner with this as you don't know how he'll react. His reaction may cause a big problem in your relationship and you won't like it.

2. Testing with your female friends: This is something that must be totally avoided. You don't know the nature of everyone, testing your male partner with a female friend can result into something you'll never imagine in your wildest dreams.

3. Making exceptionally high demands to know if he'll run Helter skelter to meet your demands: Many a woman makes this mistake, it's often aimed at knowing whether or not he really loves you and ready to do anything to satisfy you. Your male partner may find you too 'expensive' for you and may may lose him.

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