Wonder why Ladies always seem to prefer tall guys over short guys?


There has been some concepts about women that is quite strange. It has been noted that girls actually prefer tall guys over short guys but meanwhile, they are all human. Well, it has been realized that girls actually like tall boys over short boys and there are various reasons for that.

The first of the reasons is, women feel tall boys are more confident. It is true though but so are some short boys. They prefer the tall ones anyway. Girls find solace in such boys. It is believed that short boys are mostly discouraged by their height leading to low confidence.

Also, the media has an influence on what made women think tall boys are better than short boys. The media somehow has caused most girls to prefer tall boys much more. I say this because, according to how relationships in movies are. They usually put together a tall boy and a short girl which they feel is the best. This has made women develop taste for tall boys.

Furthermore, women’s DNA are hardwired to believe tall men are better for them. Most girls prefer dating tall guys because they have a feeling that tall boys make them more confident by making them look more feminine and a bit petite. Ladies feel height differences matter and so therefore, they like tall boys.

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