Reactions As A Pregnant Woman Was Caught On Camera Hiding Behind A Car On A Street Smoking (+VIDEO)

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Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of health problems for developing babies, including preterm birth, low birth weight, and birth defects of the mouth and lip. Smoking raises the risk of sudden infant death syndrome both during and after pregnancy. In view of this, health professionals have always advised pregnant women to try as much as possible and stay away from smoking at least during their pregnancy period.

However, it looks that the woman in your photograph lacks self-control when it comes to her smoking habits. Taking a careful look at the video, a Muslim woman was secretly recorded hiding behind someone's vehicle smoking. She was in a hurry to finish her cigarette and get on with her day. Her behaviours suggest that her husband and other family members do not approve of her smoking in this state, but she has to sneak out and go out to smoke since she is addicted.

After seeing this video, some social media users stated that what the mother is doing is incredibly harmful to her health and that of her baby. This is because smoking habitually can cause lung difficulties and have an impact on the health of the unborn child.

Check out some of the comments from some netizens who came across this video:

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