Rest in Peace, Another Popular Musicians Collapses at an Airport and Dies


Death have killed many innocent people around the world. Some causes of death can be diseases or accidents. Most diseases are caused by bacterias, viruses or fungi There are many different types of diseases in this world such as cholera, pneumonia and many others. These diseases are very dangerous to human being.

Most children are now orphans after their parents passed away. Some are moving around the streets begging for help. Furthermore, others lack basic needs such as food, clothes and shelter.Accordingly from the source , popular musician, Sammy Kasule is dead. The musician was going for Sweden for treatment after suddenly collapsing at the airport and died. One family revealed that Kasule collapsed at Amsterdam, Kampala.

This happens after many musicians are dying after suffering for a while. Let us pray the family during this difficult time. May his soul rest in peace.

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