Bad news to all South Africans, the worst is still to come

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South Africa is currently facing one of the biggest economic challenge it has ever faced. Since the beginning of the year, the prices of many things have gone up.

The cost of living is very high, everthing is expensive and the country's economy is struggling.

Prices of electricity, essential foods and petrol have gone up. The price of petrol alone has gone up more than 3 times already since the beginning of the year. Motorists pay twice as much as what they paid for petrol last year.


Things are not looking good for South African motorist, just when we thought things cannot get any worse, they do.

The bad news is that South Africans are to expected to pay more for petrol next month. It is estimated that there could be a huge petrol increase of R1.50 to R3.50 per litre come June.

South Africans are currently paying over R21.00 per litre for petrol and it is expected to rise again next month, a litre of petrol will cost about R25.00. This is really going to hit many people very hard.

With the rise of petrol comes an increase of many other items including public transport and also some food items.


South Africa is not as rich as it was before, and it is getting worse. The unemployment rate keeps rising, while the prices of daily needs continue to rise.


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