Stop Killing Your Kidney, Reduce Your Intake Of These 3 Things To Remain Healthy


The human kidney is very sensitive to alcohol, and this kidney does much work in the body as it helps to filters the blood and waste products like urine. But some diseases can affect the kidney such as chronic diseases also known as kidney failure and other health problems.

This article will explain some things that you probably do that can damage the kidney.

Down below are things you need to stop that you do that is gradually killing your kidney

1. Excess salt

Talking too much salt can only do more harm than good as it can cause many health problems, such as kidney stones, killing some vital cells in the body, such as the bladder, kidney, brain, and can increase your chances of getting blood pressure e. t. c.

You should moderate your intake of salt if you don' t want to have health issues

2. Smoking

Despite the health hazards of smoking, some will not still quit smoking and some people believe that smoking helps to warm the body, this might be true, but it is better to know the side effected as it can darken the lung, heart, kidney, and can increase one chance of getting cancer, mental disorders, kidney failure and for women it can cause child' s brain limitations.

3. Excess intake of Alcohol

Some believe that when drinking alcohol they are enjoying life not knowing that they are causing more damage to themselves as it can even shorten the life of an individual.

Alcohol that is ethanol in nature is more dangerous to the health as it can damage vital cells in the body such as blood, bladder, kidneys, lungs e. t. c one needs to reduce his/her intake of alcohol to reduce those side effects.


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