Watch | Fans Broke The Silence On Lehasa And Pretty's Realationship On Skeem Saam (see comments)


Some people say a leopard cam never change its spots, well the same seems to happen in people when it comes to changing certain habits that they have in life like cheating for example.Once a person becomes a cheater in life it is very rare/imposssible for them to get rid of those cheating habits no matter how you try you just can't change a cheater from being a cheater.

For example,lets look at Skeem Saam.There was a time Pretty cheated on Nimza with her current boyfriend Katlego and Katlego ended up winning her from Nimza and kept her as his main girl.But looking at what Pretty has been unto with Lehasa in the past episodes.Am sure you can also see that Katlego made a mistake by taking her away from Nimza.The same thing he did to Nimza seems to be getting done to him by Nimza and this has left a lot of fans with so much to say on social media

So what happned on social media yesterday is that a picture of pretty in Lehasa's arms was posted and captioned does Katlego deserve to be cheated on by pretty? That question caused a lot of controversy.See what fans said.

Now with all that being said, what is your take on what pretty has been doing to katlego lately? Do you think that he deserves being put through what he is being through now for he has done it to somebody before.Bear in mind that they say that what goes around always comes back around,so as a reader which side are you on this matter? Does he deserves it or not?

Please leave some comments below.While you are on it also share the article with others so we can get to get their views in this whole situation too.


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