Military In Action:Search And Rescue, Anti Terrorism Exercise Day 4 - Video


As earlier published the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), initiated a five day anti terrorism program which commenced from Monday, 24 to Friday, 28 May 2021. The training exercise code-named 'Exercise Eagle Claws 2021' is been performed in the Northern part of the country. Due to the exercises, the movement of military personnel and equipments were transported to the area.

The 5-day anti-terrorism training program by the military is in phases. It involved the combat troops repelling armed attacks at certain locations. This took place and personnel displayed high level of professionalism.

Joint military drills among the various branches are a key measure to ensure the readiness of the Ghanaian forces, The scope and timing of the exercises will determine how effective the military can be and respond to terrorist when they strike.

With the increasing level of Insurgents attacks in the northern part of the African continent, the vicious threat seems to be getting closer to our borders. Military readiness is a top priority of the commanders. The combined military training events are a principal method of ensuring the soldiers readiness.

You can watch the full video here.