"We Are Pregnant" The Wajesus Family Announces Their Second Pregnancy In Style.

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Milly was jesus and kabi wa jesus have grown to be the most influential people on the internet. After three years of being influencers, they have gained alot of followers and their online family keeps growing everyday.

They are parents to one boy and soon to be parents of another baby that is on the way. Netizens started speculating about Millie's pregnancy a very long time ago but there was no proof of the same until now.

The wajesus family are very excited About their second pregnancy and they couldn't keep calm about it. Kabi wa Jesus went all the way out to impress millie by putting up a billboard to announce their pregnancy.

The family had gone for a maternity shoot earlier and kabi used this picture and had it put up in the billboard. Milly was in tears when she saw the gesture that kabi had made just for her. She cried amidst all the joy and excitement.

The two will soon be parents of another baby.

The family is very excited about the big news. Netizens gathered to congratulate them for their Pregnancy.

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