"Stop The Ilegitimate Interviews" CJ Koome Awakened By Bad News Over Ongoing Judicial Interviews

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The race to statehouse has attracted different organizations in the country. Yesterday CJ Martha Koome called IEBC Chair Wafula Chebukati to make sure that the elections will be free and fair. Well Judiciary has been conducting interviews on search of 6 judges 9f Court of appeal. But according to senior council Ahmednasir, he has called for Judiciary to stop the interviews immediately. According to him,

As the immediate former Chairman of the Senior Council Committee of the Law Society of Kenya I call upon the Judicial Service Commission to stop forthwith the fake, sham and illegitimate interviews the Commission is conducting for the 6 positions of the Court of Appeal.

The Process doesn't meet the mandatory test of Article 10 of the Constitution and is compromised abinitio.Majority members of the Commission are captives of the executive & the 6 candidates to be appointed by the commission have been agreed upon outside the commission @Kenyajudiciary. He said.

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