I'm Intelligent Woman But I Couldn't Keep My Marriage Because It Takes 2 People To Keep It— Video

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Blessing Nkiriku Okoro, renowned Instagram blogger and relationship guru who is known as the Blessing CEO, explained why her former marriage collapsed, despite attempting to repair it. Remember that when Blessings was in university, Blessing's ex-husband married her four years after the relationship began.

Their marriage did not survive, however, since after just four years, the two lovers divorced. She then accused the spouse of domestic violence, leading to its split. After she left her marriage house, she finished her university studies before setting up her "Break up or Make up" relationship blog.

In a recent post on her Instagram account, Blessing stated that, while she is a smart lady, her former marriage could not be saved from failure since it requires two individuals to have a relationship. If the other spouse cannot perform his share in maintaining marriage, it cannot be kept alone. She said that she grew up today due of her past experiences into the lady she is. She didn't get smart, she gained it over her life.

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