Eleven Children Injured at Paga

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Information reaching "Asaase" radio indicates that eleven (11) children at Paga have sustained various degrees of injuries, following an unexpected rainstorm.

According to the reports from Asaase 99.5 FM, the eleven (11) children who were injured are students of Paga E/A primary school.

The children are basic three (3) students.

In the afternoon, they were in the classroom learning and unfortunately, a heavy rainstorm blew.

The walls of the basic three (3) classrooms are weak so when the heavy rainstorm blew, it collapsed on the students.

The students were severely injured as most of them sustained injuries on their heads and others too on their legs.

The students were quickly rushed to Paga hospital for medical attention and by God's grace, they are responding to treatment.

No casualties were recorded.

This incident happened on Monday afternoon, March 21, 2022, at Paga in the Upper East Region.

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