Army Officer In a High Rank Builds His Own Grave To Save His Family From Suffering When He Dies

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Being an army officer is one of the many careers that requires persistence and sacrifice. However, there are those officers who usually lose the hope of living again and end up commiting suicide or even killing other innocent people. There are also those who looks like they are preparing for their death by doing some astonishing things. These incidents are common in Kenya but it has now been reported in our neighbouring countries.[Photo Courtesy]

For instance, army officer in Tanzania with a rank of superintendent has shocked many people by building this own grave and then decorating it himself. When Patrick Matey Kimaro was asked why had done such a thing, he says that he had to do it to save his family from suffering once he dies [Photo Courtesy]

Various local news outlets in Tanzania arrived at the scene where he had built the grave and they witnessed that it was true the grave was there. The officer was very confident to talk about his grave saying that the decision to built the grave came several times into his mind until he finally decided to do it.

Therefore, when the dies, his family will not go around asking the community for help but they will just bury him in his own grave which will reduce their expenses. Meanwhile, share with us one what you think about people building their own graves and don't forget to follow our page for more updates.

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