Checkout Lupita's Stylish Trends That Influence Fashion Industries Across the World


Lupita Amondi Nyon'go is an international award-winning actress that has been featured in several best selling movies in the world including 12 Years of Slave and Film Black Panther Lupita is originally from Kenya from the Luo community, she was however born and partially raised in Mexico. Her father is also a powerful political leader in Kenya.

Lupita Nyon'go is an impressive character with an outstanding personality, despite her achievement in the entertainment industry across the world, Lupita Nyon'go is humble and most of all a very natural and original character. Unlike Most African celebrities who resort to cosmetic surgeries and skin, lightening Lupita is proud and confident and comfortable in her skin, this value has made her overcome stereotypes again women and people of color.

Other than her career, Lupita is a great influencer of fashion trends around the world, especially on red carpet outfits. Several she has stepped out looking phenomenal thus gaining the attention of fashion stylists and photographers across the world. Check out some of the trendy outfits that Lupita has worn that made her an international star.


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