Tricks to score higher in objective exams.


Caveat: before I go on to give you the tricks, I need to state EMPHATICALLY that the tricks are not substitute for actual studying and preparation for your exams. If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.

Nonetheless, this tricks could help boost your marks. I believe you will agree with me that every mark is worth earning. One single mark is the difference between pass and fail.

Trick 1: using the options provided to phantom the way to solve a question you have no idea of the formula.

Trick 2: using elimination to guess like a genius to increase your chances of getting an unknown question right.

Trick 1:

This works for students writing physics,chemistry, maths or other calculative subject. If you see a question and you don't Know the formula to solve such question, take a look at the options and see the unit.

Take for example: I met this question in an exam and ive never read anything on elasticity, see what I'll do.

A force of 0.8N stretches an elastic spring by 2cm. The elastic constant is A. 30Nm-¹ B. 40Nm-¹ C. 50 Nm-¹ D. 35 Nm-¹.

From the unit of the options, I can see a quantity in Newtons is divided by a quantity in meters. First thing I do is to convert the cm to m.

2cm = 0.02m

Then I can now divide 0.8N by 0.02m and I get 40Nm-¹

Simple without reading elasticity I've just managed to score on extra mark

This is called analysis and it works for even more complex problems too.

Trick 2: to be continued...

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