The lady by the name of Lumka got the attention of Facebook users: Opinion

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This lady has captured so many hearts on Facebook, leaving many people commenting on how she looks, leaving many people commenting for how beautiful her body is, leaving a lot of people commenting on how fresh her kin is. When I'm looking at her, she may be someone that is between the age of 21 to 25 years old. She is still very young and the whole life is ahead of her, she could use that to be beauty for something that can put food on her table. She can use that beauty to feed her family. She can use that beauty to shape her future, she can make use of thay beauty to have a better destiny, but we know how it goes with most of all these our beautiful ladies. The more beautiful they become, the more cheap you get them.

So you know it is not easy for most of the woman that we consider to be ugly, they are focused, they are focused on school, focused on work, they are focused on business, they are focused on making their lives better, but most of our beautiful ladies, they become party animals. They go from party to party, from club to club, from one businessmen to another, one boyfriend to another. They don't see that people are using them.

I think she's a kind of a lady that even her man doesn't get used to her beauty. It's just that men sometimes they don't know what they want, even with everybody dying to have her, you may realize that, her husband doesn't see all those goodies. Maybe her husband or boyfriend still underappreciate that kind of beauty. It is very funny that, most men and women they don't know or they become ignorant to what they have right in their lives, there is someone out there who can die to have your woman.

Someone can be able to see how handsome is your husband or the beauty of your wife. The opportunity that someone is trying to throw away, someone is saying, they can die for it. Someone is saying they can do anything to have that opportunity. When others are trying to get out, others are dying to get in. When others are saying we don't want it anymore, others can do anything to have it.

There are others that are praying for the thing that you are about to throw away. Praying for the thing that you are not appreciating, praying for the thing that you have never saw its value. Change your perception before someone forces you to change it. Don't let your woman, or your men be praised by people from outside, before she or he get any praise from you.

This woman that we are talking about here, she is representing South Africa very well. She is representing the Zulu nation, the beauty of their daughters. God is blessed them with good genes. She is a true reflection of a beautiful Zulu lady. A true reflection of beautiful South African ladies, may the Lord bless our African woman.

After a businessman is done with her on the night that you were entertaining them at the club, that is the end, they move to the next victim. Most girls are being misused to a point of being forced to take drugs before they do anything on the stage, so that they may be controlled. Some of them they are forced to sleep with a multiple men just because whoever the man that has brought you into that club or that party has paid you good money.

So if I was this beautiful lady or if she hears me what I'm saying, I will use that look to my own advantage, to make a better future for myself. So that I may not repeat the mistake of others, or the mistake of my peers. So if not careful, at the end of the day, she'll just be used like others and be given a fatherless child because of being irresponsible. She just begins to suffer for showing herself to vultures on Facebook.

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