Find Out How He Treats His Mother, Father And Siblings; He Will Treat You The Same Way - Ab. Isong


Dating a man is not only about making love with him , there are a lot you need to do and Mr. Abraham Isong has just revealed that.

This is what the relationship coach urge  ladies to check on a man before anything.

A Nigerian singer, relationship coach, actor, gospel music promoter, and a senior pastor at the  libration word international Christian centre, Abraham Isong who is known Ab Isong has entreated women to engage their men with sensible talk and forgo the breast and vag!na view point of relationship by men.

The actor and pastor made this statement on his Facebook wall on the 19th of May, 2021.

“Hello young lady, When engaging in a discussion with a man, talk sense into him until he begins to see you beyond your breast and vag!na point of view.

A potential hubby is looking for a lady who will help him grow. Be an inspiration to him every time you have a discussion. Avoid questions like how big is your rod of authority and how long can you drive a canoe in lekuteh.

Try stuffs like, what’s your business plan? His answer will determine if he will be able to meet some of your needs. Find our how he treats his mum, Dad and siblings. It will give you a clue on how he will treat you and yours.

Marriage is not do me, hit me, and harder every time.  If that’s your idea of marriage , boredom is waiting for you already” he wrote.

According to him every responsible man will probable need a woman who will be ready to help him with ideas to grow. He also advised that, ladies should observe how their men treats their parents and that will actually be the same way they will be treated . He urges ladies not to allow or reduce themselves to only love making and that they (ladies) should always engage their men in business discussions.

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By: Mohammed Ibn Nanzari Charisma