HYPE: Chat, Share & Browse For FREE on Airtel and Safaricom Networks



Hype is an integrated feature built into the latest version of Opera Mini to CHAT, SHARE & BROWSE the web!

To get started, download the latest version version of Opera Mini from Google Playstore. Then tap at the Hype logo embedded at the bottom to register. Add your profile name and picture and you are done.

Hype is available in Kenya and free and can be accessed using Safaricom and/or Airtel networks. You just switch on the data and you are good to go irregardless of whether you are subscribed to a data bundle or not


1. Integration

Hype is a one in all app that let's one to chat, share and browse without switching apps.

2. Easy Snychronization

3. Local Designs

Hypes allows users to use and create stickers that they can relate to thus making conversation more lively.

4. Screenshot Editing

WebSnap is a feature in a Hype that enables one to screenshot and edit a web page.

5. Encryption

It's Safe and Secure. Conversation on Hype are end to end encrypted.

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