Premier League Player Who Is Now Favourite To Win This Season Ballon D'or


Ballon dor is one of the most precious award which every top player always fight hard to win it. Messi and Ronaldo are currently the leading players when it comes to winning this award.

Ronaldo has won it five times while Messi has won it 6 times. This season, these two have minimal chances of lifting it again since there are other players who have provedo they have all it takes to lift this award.

For a player to win Ballon d'or, he must have contributed so much to his team's success. In most cases, it's always given to a player who has helped his team to reach far in the champions league.

This season, its seems this award is going to be won by one of the premier league players. Fernandez is among the players whom many suggest he deserves to lift it after helping man United alot this season. But this might not be possible since De Bryune has proved he is the favorite player to win this award.

De Bryune has been on top form as he has helped Manchester city alot this season. They are currently on the verge of winning the premier league and are also edging closer to win the champions league.

In the first leg of the champions league against PSG in the semifinals, the Belgian international scored a goal to give his team a better chance to reach the finals of this season's champions league.

Manchester city are currently on top form this season with most of their success have been contributed by De Bryune. There are no doubts that if Manchester city reach the final of this UCL and win the trophy, De Bryune will be the favorite player to win this season's Ballon D'or.