FASHION TIPS: How To Style A Crop Top With A Long Skirt

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Maxi skirts and long skirts made a comeback a few years ago. They are both elegant and stylish, making them ideal for summer looks. However, when faced with the question of what kind of tops to wear with a long skirt, many individuals avoid wearing it. The good news is that long skirts and crop tops look great on almost every body type if you choose the appropriate ones.

Maxi skirts are available in a variety of colors, prints, and shapes. When dressing casually in maxi skirts, remember that 'less is more.' Pair solid-colored tops with floral or patterned long skirts. This would draw everyone's attention to your skirt. Add a striking necklace to the mix.

Because white is the safest hue, any crop top can be paired with a contrasting tone. However, if you're wearing earth-toned skirts, you'll need to be a little more cautious. The one below has a striped top in black and white that works well.

Solid tops, rather than printed ones, should be paired with vertical or horizontal stripes. Consider tops with whimsical motifs on the sleeves or cut if you want something nicer than plain tops. Crop shirts with lace are another great option.

The same guideline applies to floral printed maxi skirts as it does to striped maxi skirts: basic shirts. If you insist on wearing printed clothes, make sure the prints are all the same. It would be excessive to have two separate prints all over the body.

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