Makhadzi Bullied For Dark Inner Thighs - Bully Claims She’s Unhygienic

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The black on black hate continues to spread among young women. When will an end to this consistent body shaming grace Mzansi? 

In recent times, a photo of Makhadzi’s dark inner thighs was doing the rounds on social media platforms. This follows her recent performance in Malawi, which was undoubtedly a great performance. 

She received appalling criticism from bullies who seem to hold the idea that inner thighs are shameful and not natural. After being bullied around long enough, she decided to release a statement, apologising for the disappointing picture that has since gone viral. But, should Makhadzi be apologising for being confident enough to expose her imperfections? 

Yes, your inner thighs are perfectly even and without fault, but that does not make ‘you’ (bullies) any more special than the other considering the fact that we all have our body demons that constantly drag our confidence to the mud. 

The Matorokisi hit maker took to her social media to express her sincere apology for the picture leaked by the photographer, Ras Peter Kansengwa. Ras allegedly posted the photo without Makhadzi’s consent. This is despite having too many beautiful pictures to choose from. 

“I would like to apologise to all my fans if only if you disappointed about this pictures .. they were a lot of beautiful pictures that a cameraman was going to post, but he chose to post this to promote his brand but forgetting the damage he is doing to my soul. I know I am strong, and all this will pass …Unfortunately, I cannot change my inner part. I am like this, and I am proud… The only thing you people are doing is to try to edit my pictures nikhonanisa mafhungo ..yes, I am strong. Still, my family and friends are not strong as I see them crying about edited pictures break me and affect me badly. I want to ask everyone who reacts with this picture and edited pictures that you are planting something that can affect me badly. I humble myself politely to ask everyone to stop humiliating me. I don’t have the energy to block you. I love you all AFRICAN QUEEN ALB IS OUT NOW,” her statement read. 

A Twitter user by the handle @Mitchell claimed that Makhadzi is unhygienic when she posted a photo of her inner thighs, a sunlight bar soap and an empty orange sack.

Like many others, Mzansi is of the opinion that Makhadzi shouldn’t have apologised for being a typical woman. 

“I don't understand why would women bully each other mos most women have darker inner thighs , including me. I don't see any problem with Makhadzi's picture and darker inner thighs doesn't mean we don't use "the combo and water” Makhadzi is an African Queen,” Mororiseng Moka said on Twitter. 

Deekay Takane was particularly shattered by the mere fact that Makhadzi felt the need to apologise. She said: “The fact that @MakhadziSA felt the need to apologize for her skin really broke my heart. That is normal and shouldn't change the way you look at's sad ey. Be strong queen. You have come thus far, you are loved and appreciated.”

We can all agree that Makhadzi bothers no one and therefore shouldn’t be bothered. Although she did nothing wrong, she still apologised to those who clearly want to drag and ruin her brand. She is an extraordinary woman who’s worked hard to get to where she is. But a queen is a queen, while we criticise, she moves! 

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