"Mgeni Kuja Mwenyeji Apone"This Is How Nakuru Has reaped From Safari Rally


The just concluded world rally safari in Naivasha injected more than sh 4 billion to the Nakuru economy.The international event was a big boost especially to the tourism sector . According to report ,all the three and four star hotels in Naivasha,Elementaita and Maai mahiu were fully booked for the four days the event took place,the hotels reported 100 percent booking .The hospitality industry also reported good business atleast 10000 people majority of them being spectators from all over the world who attendant the event.

There was also other business outside the hospitality industry benefiting from the world rally championship,the event injected billions to the economy and was a major boost to the tourism sector in the region that has been reeling from the COVID-19,The foreign drivers and their back-up teams and families came from as far as Europe,Asia,Africa And America.

Among the businesses that benefited from the event were dealers in petroleum,Food and beverage, entertainment,hawkers and taxi drivers. A taxi operator told the nation that he made 100,000/= over two days ferrying visitors around Naivasha.

On the other hand, residents with entrepreneurial skills converted open ground into camping sites for rally fans who didn't find accommodation in hotel.Mr Joseph a resident from Nakuru revealed that he set up two tents after hiring the ground for sh 1500 with the gazebo going for sh 6500 for a night.

The world safari event took place from 23rd June to 27 covering two sub county of Nakuru _Naivasha and Gilgil,the rally had returned to Africa after 19years with the last one held in 2002.

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