What a Huge Crowd Did After DP Ruto Finished His Speech in Narok (Video)


Deputy President William Ruto was on Wednesday surprised after what a huge crowd in Narok West did moments after he finished his speech.

Ruto as he was leaving, the huge crowd started to follow him as they tried to get close to him with only a few managing to talk to him.

In a video shared online, the uniformed officers were not doing much to keep the crowd away as some tried to shake Ruto’s hand.

The DP is seen waving at the crowd as they continued to follow him with some managing to grab him and a few only allowed to shake his hand as the crowd cheered.

One of the residents tried to shake Ruto’s hand but the DP pulled his hand as security personnel dressed in plain clothes moved in and pushed him away.

The DP’s security personnel were not that many and a few of the residents managed to get close to Ruto as some had a brief conversation with him and others shook his hand when he was leaving with some of the leaders who had attended the function.

Here is the Video.

Ruto was in Narok West Constituency on Wednesday as he presided over various empowerment programmes.

Ruto lauded his ‘Hustler Nation’ empowerment programme saying it seeks to change the lives of ordinary Kenyans who are suffering.

The deputy president further spoke about the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) saying there is no need for leaders to divide the country as they try to change the constitution saying there should be a win-win situation for everyone to benefit.

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