Eden Hazard will not undergo surgery


Hazard has spoken to James Calder and Eugene Curry, the two doctors he trusts the most, over the past few hours, and both have agreed to Real Madrid's decision. He won't have surgery. [Mario Cortegana]

Gambling will be out for a month, so he will be missing 6 games: Celta Vigo, Eibar, Barcelona and Cadiz in La Liga and the UCL quarterfinals at home and abroad. If Hazard can't get back to his best, I'm pretty sure his time at the club is over. Now or never.

The only positive thing about his absence is that it allowed Vinicius to grow significantly (I'm not talking about completing it). It seems that after the game vs Atalanta; Zidane said to Vinicius, "This is the Vinicius I want and must reach."

he has been out for a total of 330 days. This has resulted in him missing 51 games. that's too much for a Galactico signing.

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