Best Names That Suit Baby Boys


Hello my readers, 

This article for any expectant mom, with hopes of delivering cute bouncing baby boys. Don't stress too much on the name for your son, because I gat you. Let me help you choose the best one that fits him, makes him more handsome and loved. It's always every mommy's goal to have children with royal, hero and pretty names for children. Thus here is a list of the five best ones for boys.

1. Ethan

Has an Hebrew origin, which means strong or solid, mentioned in the Bible eight times. It's most popular in United States, commonly associated with politicians, actors and business persons. Female version of Ethan is Ethel.

2. Liam 

It is an Irish name, though it's a short term of Uillium, a french form. Refers to protector or warrior. Possessed by both Catholics and Protestants, as a nickname for William and still part of religious identities. 

3. Aiden

The Bible reveals him as an exile who returned to Israel from Babylon. Attributed to attractiveness , handsome, full of pleasure, also identified as the old Celtic god of the sun.

4. Oliver

Derived from olive tree which produces very nice fragrant flowers, used in making perfumes for ladies. Traditionally it means " descendants/ ancestors. Biblically it's a symbol of beauty, fruitfulness and dignity. For girls it's Olivier, with a short nickname as Olly .

5. James 

He's famous in religious documents, being a disciple of Jesus and mentioned in the new testament books where he says " faith without action is dead". In latin language , it refers to replacer/ may God protect. 


Thus these are the top ones, currently trending and used in all continents worldwide.