"Tuondoe Siasa za godfather na za Mdomo" Governor Mutua Clears Air on Why He is Vying For Presidency

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As we near August 2022, many are entering the race with an eyes on political seats in the elections. Mutua announced his presence in the race towards the statehouse a year or so ago.Since then he has played low key on his intentions.

He has today, 23rd October 2021, cleared air on why he wants to be Kenya's fifth president. In a post that had hit one thousand likes in its first few minutes of life, Mutua stressed that he was a man of actions urging all the other competitors to display their score cards for the public to judge.

"Wananchi cannot wait for you. They want to see how many development goals you can score today..

Mimi nataka kubadilisha Kenya. Vijana wapate Kazi, tujenge barabara, maji, tupunguze umasikini na tulete Maisha Bora.

Tuondoe Siasa za godfather na za mdomo. Wakenya wanataka siasa za Maendeleo."

Mutua added those who aren't in power have connections that could possibly yield fruits to struggling Kenyans.

Dr Mutua said these as he inspected the ongoing development projects for his county.

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