Millicent Omanga Asked To Report Her Claims About UDA Agents Frustrations By The State To Police


Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga claimed on her online platform that United Democratic Movement party agents for the upcoming by elections in Machakos County, Kabuchai constituency, Matungu constituency and London Ward have been frustrated by the state. According to her, their opponents have sensed defeat.

"Frustrating UDA agents by the state is a proof of panic on the side of the state. They think they can change the tide by playing monkey business. Not possible. They should sit patiently as hustler candidates mop the floor with their candidates. Their goose is cooked" Omanga's tweet read.

There have been claims of voter bribery, voter/opponents intimidation, violences and other forms of electoral malpractices from opposing sides in the up coming by elections.

By elections for Machakos County, Kabuchai constitueny, Matungu Constituency and London Ward in Nakuru County will take place tomorrow 4th March 2021. UDA party has candidates in all these places.

This claim attracted mixed reactions from her followers on line.

Chris: UDA and HustlerNation is only popular in Kikuyu land and Kalenjins.Try it in Matungu or Kabuchai we see.

Stephen: Jana was crying over to Jubilee kicking out deputy secretary general... Today tweeting about UDA & the by election... Which party does she belong?

Josh: Wish you were in NASA in 2017. Same juice being served.

Patrick: Report and record a statement at the nearest police station. Let's follow the law always.