A Man who gets 6 months free supply of noodles after returning N1.8m. Is he honest or foolish?


* A Nigerian man named Mr. Chidibere Ogbona is rewarded for his honesty

* Ogbona went to the store to buy a box of pasta, but found that N 1.8 million was included in the box

* An honest man returns the money and receives a free noodle box for the next six months

The media personality identified as @certifiedcamill went to Twitter to share the story of an honest Nigerian man named Chidibere Ogbona. Camille described the man as his personality this week and said the kind-hearted man bought a box of pasta. When he found that there was a large amount of money in the box, he quickly returned the noodle box to where he bought it. Camill revealed that the money in the pasta box was N1.8m.

Television operators said Ogbona revealed that the reason for returning the money was not for that reason and he was afraid.

According to him, the seller was very excited when taking him back to where he bought a package of cardboard noodles. He noticed that the seller said that the money was payment for some goods. To appreciate his honesty and save him from debt, the noodle seller rewarded Ogbon with a free noodle box for the next six months. According to Camille, who tells his story, people like Ogbona are rare. As expected, the Nigerian went to his comments section to welcome Ogbon and find that what he did was noble and rare.

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