Lady reveals daughter hates fathers; says she wants a sibling but not a dad

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Entrepreneur, Miss Akos has revealed that her 12-year-old daughter had no love for her late father and this has affected her relationship with father figures. 

After giving birth at a young age, Miss Akos disclosed that her baby daddy only took care of the child for a year; leaving her to her fate. However, she had the support of family and loved ones. 

“I got pregnant while I was in JHS but he was in SHS. I had to go back to school and with the help of a teacher, I completed both JHS and SHS. My teacher paid for my education without any condition while my mom catered to my baby,” she told DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa. 

According to her, this has affected her daughter as she has no love for fatherly figures. 

“She doesn't ask of her father at all. She has that hatred for fathers because she once good me that she wants a sibling but not a father. When she is asked about her father’s name, she mentions my brother’s name, ” she added. 

Miss Akos indicated that her baby daddy died three years ago. 

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