Will Load Shedding ever stop ?

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Everyday when you wake up early in the morning you will find that the electricity is gone. These have been happening for months now since Eskom is falling about due to corruption that is happening among it's employers & employees. Many people's lives have been turned upside down because of the cutting of electricity.

About a week ago, police have caught two employees of Eskom driving a bakkie with full of copper cables that was stolen. These incident have shown that the employees of Eskom are the onces who sabotage the Eskom and further more cause more load shedding that is affecting the economy of this country in a negative way.


Eskom has announced it will implement stage two load-shedding from 9pm on Saturday but warned the lights could go off earlier if the power system deteriorates further.

The power entity said in a statement that load-shedding will continue until 5am on Monday.“This load-shedding is due to a failure of a generation unit each at Kusile, Medupi and Arnot power stations, as well as a delay of a unit returning to service at Tutuka power station,” it said.

In addition, the failure of the coal conveyors at Medupi led to reduced output at the station.“While this has since been rectified, it will take some time to recover the full operations.”This required the station’s output to be reduced to minimum. The ash plant has since returned to service, and the ash backlog recovery is in progress.”

Eskom said these constraints, together with higher demand on Friday and Saturday, have resulted in extensive use of emergency generation reserves, “which will have to be sufficiently recovered for the week ahead”.It added: “Total breakdowns have increased to 14,727MW while planned maintenance is 6,711MW of capacity as we continue with the reliability maintenance.


This load shedding also affected the system of education very badly because now students across the country were busy writing exams & when the lights goes off during examinations, if there is no generator for backup it means the exam will be forced to stop . When the light goes off a day before exams then students will not get time to do revision & preparing for the last time.

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