See Top 10 Nigerian Musicians Whose Songs Are Source Of Inspiration To The Present Musicians

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Top 10 Nigerian Musicians Whose Songs Are Source Of Inspiration To The Present Musicians

Nigeria is a country blessed with countless numbers of talented musicians. Many of them have developed the country through their music, and they have added tremendous fame to the country's reputation.

Many of these musicians have died, while many are still alive.

In this article, I will expose you to some of these beautiful musicians whose songs are a source to the present Nigerian musicians.

This means that many of these present musicians listen to their music to gain more knowledge and inspiration that will enable them to sing a better song.

Some of the current musicians even mimic some of them; some purposely wish to revive their spirits by copying them.

10. Haruna Ishola:

Haruna Ishola is a Yoruba indigenous musician famous for his Apala music being the pioneer of the music.

He started his musical career in the early 1940s. He released his debut album in 1948. The music is an assortment of Yoruba talking drum beat and local instruments. He died in 1983. After his death, numerous Nigerian Yoruba indigenous musicians took over from him by mimicking his styles. Among the musicians who took over his music is Musiliu Haruna Ishola; his son, and currently Terry Apala; a young Nigeria who sought solace in his music and later turn it into a career.

Musiliu Haruna Ishola

Terry Apala

9. Christy Essien- Igbokwe:

Nigerians knew her for her sobriquet being." Nigeria lady of songs." 

She sings in Nigerian languages such as Igbo, Efik, Ibibio, Hausa, Yoruba, and English.

She got her nickname from the Nigerian languages that she speaks fluently.

Her hit songs include: "Seun Rere," " Nigeria go survive." and many others.

The song that enabled her to garnered International recognition was " Seun Rere." And the music has been made by several other musicians who regarded her as their source of inspiration.

8.Sikiru Ayinde Barrister:

Ayinde Barrister is a Yoruba indigenous musician who started his career as a musician In the early 1960s and released his LP in 1966.

He is the pioneer of Fuji music, and before his death, he had 62 albums, married 16 wives, and had 62 children.

His music is one of the most authenticated indigenous music in Nigeria. Presently, the fuji music artists are over 200; some are KWAM 1, Adewale Ayuba, Pasuma, Osupa Saheed, and many others.

Kwam 1

Adewale Ayuba


Saheed Osupa

7.Sir Victor Uwaifor:

He is from Edo state. He is one of the pioneers of highlife music in Nigeria. His hit song, "Joromi." Was released in 1965 and soon began a general song in Nigeria and other West African countries. Until this moment, the song remains a hit, and several young Nigerian artists as made several versions of it. About for years ago, Simi, a new artist, made her version of the song.

6. Orlando Owo:

Orlando Owo is the pioneer of "Keneri." music. He formed his band in 1960. His music is pure Yoruba dialectical music that comprises several local drums and conga. Numerous musicians as took over his music before and after his death. Some of the musicians who sought solace in his music style and turns it into a ranging career are his son, "Kunle Orlando Owo."

Kunle Orlando Owo

5.Ik Dairo:

Isaiah Kehinde Dairo is a Yoruba indigenous folk, Juju musician who formed his band in 1957. The primary instrument used in his music is an accordion and local drum.

Ik Dairo songs have been a source of inspiration to the Nigerian kegites association as most of his songs are mainly used by them during their meetings.

His song " Moore." Had different versions as sang by numerous Nigeria young artists.

His son Paul Play Ik Dairo did several versions of his songs after his death.

Paul Play Ik Dairo

4. Baba Ara:

Olubukola Rowland, a.k.a Baba Ara, is a Yoruba indigenous musician who rose to prominence in the new millennium. Baba Ara is the pioneer of his music, which is a slow version of Yoruba gospel music.

Several musicians have been mimicking his styles after his death.

3.King Sunny Ade and 2. Chief Ebenezer Obey:

These two musicians are the foremost Yoruba indigenous Juju musicians. They both began their career in the late 50s, although Obey achievement surpassed that of Sunny Ade in terms of evergreen songs, while Sunny Ade is a great dancer and also he is a nimble guitarist. Their songs are the primary source of numerous juju musicians like Sir Shina Peters, Dele Taiwo, Wale Thompson, and many others.

Sir Shina Peters

Dele Taiwo

Wale Thompson

Their songs are also sung in different churches in Nigeria.

1. Fela Anikulapo Kuti:

Fela is the pioneer of Afrobeat, an assortment of percussion, strings, Conga, and Trumpets.

His music is mostly satirical in content, making him earn enemies in Nigeria, his countries among the leaders.

Fela music is primarily a jive, and that's why he was famous all over the world.

Several Nigerian musicians had claimed openly that Fela's songs are the source of their musical inspirations; thus, many are fond of using his styles and dress codes.

Many Nigerian musicians as taken over his activism and such musician is Eedris Abdulkareem, Falz, Burna Boy, Dbanj, and Wizkid.




Burna Boy

Eedris Abdulkareem

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