What Happened To Teen SHS Girl At The End.


Teenage pregnancy is one of the obstacles that hinder most of our young girls from achieving their educational ambitions. This particular one have amuse and put the people within sefwi Akontombra district to shock.

Eighteen years old SHS student; Abigail Korankye got pregnant and at the end she has given birth to a baby which looks much like a frog . The girl who attends Akontombra Senior high school is a daughter to Mr Kofi Korankye who is a native of the town. Abigail did not upheld to the several advice given to her by her father and teachers about her relationship with guys due to her beauty. She had relationship with a lot of men being it the old or young which at the end she did not even know who exactly impregnated her.

Since she did not have any man to be responsible for the pregnancy, all the burden shifted to her parents while she was allowed to attend classes. She stopped attending classes during the third trimester of the pregnancy. Every one of the town were anticipating good for her since she had some sense to repent when everything was over, but the unfortunate happened when Abigail delivered to a baby which looks like a frog. She was engulfed by a whole lot of croud to look at the baby she have delivered, no one knew where this abnormal thing were coming from. People interpreted a whole lot of meanings into it, that she has had relationship with someone who's actually a spirit or she's been curse because of rudeness towards people. Abigail now live with the baby, her educational ambitions have come to an end, there have been several warning from those who have spiritual eye that an attemt to kill the baby Will endanger the whole family.

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