"Nilidhani ni Mimi Nimekufa" Tanzania Leader Says He Thought Presidents Don't Die in Office


A Tanzanian leader has today talked about the death of late President John Pombe Magufuli, which left Tanzanians in shock.

Mbeya Regional Commissioner Albert Chalamila said he did not know that an incumbent President could die.

He said that when President Magufuli's death was announced, he thought it was a movie and sorts of fantasy. He even asked his wife whether he was the one who had died.

Chalamila said he touched his chest twice to feel the pulse of his heart to confirm he was still alive

"yaani siku nimeambiwa (Rais Magufuli), amefariki mimi mwenyewe nilishika moyo wangu mara mbili na kumuuliza mke wangu, au mimi nimekufa hutaki kuniambia," he said, which loosely translates to

("that is, the day I was told President Magufuli had died. I held my heart twice and asked my wife, or I am dead?).

Chamala was among a few leaders that speculated lies, telling Tanzanians that he had talked to President Magufuli over the phone after he went missing from the public domain.

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