Photos Of Beautiful Blue Film Actress Who Was Disowned By Her Parent And What Later Happened to Her


Everybody have the freedom to choose the way we want to live our lives. Regardless of what the society and the religious teachings what us do if it doesn't suit our own way of reasoning then we tend to ignore and carry on with what we believe in.

There is this beautiful 28 year old young lady who is popularly known as Mia Khalifa, she's a Lebanese-American lady who used to be a blue film actress. She started her acting career in 2014 when she featured in a series of adult movies especially with her hijabs on.

During the violent incident that occurred in her country in the year 2001, her parent were forced to move away togther with her to America. She has been constantly critized throughout her career because of the way she dresses in some of her movies.

Back in her country, people staged massive protest against her especially for the way she uses the Hijab while starring in adult movies. She was threatened and her family wasn't happy about it.

The protest against her for using Hijab to act in movies:

Her parent ordered her to quit acting because of the shame she brings to their family but she refused to listen to them, so her parent disowned her and chased her out of the house to found a means for herself somewhere else.

She shared a picture herself crying after she was disowned by her parent:

However, some years after her a parents had disowned her, she decided to quit blue film acting and started a new career. It's being three years now since she went into modeling, giving relationship advice, webcam model and a social media personality.

What later happened to her:

As it stands now, she's no longer appearing in adult movies, she clams to have chosen a new career which is fetching far more than what she earns when she was a blue film actress, but only time will tell if she stays in her new business or go back to her old ways.

Do you think people will forget that she was a blue film actress before? Let's hear your own thought