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Jay- Z, who grew up in Brooklyn' s drug- infested Marcy Projects, is an American rapper, songwriter As an escape, he used rap, featuring for the first time on Yo! 1989' s MTV Raps.

Jay- Z established his own clothing line after selling millions of records through his Roc- a- Fella label, and formed an entertainment company.

In 2008, he married a famous singer and actress, Beyoncé. Jay Z' s net worth is valued at about $1 billion as of 2020.

The " Empire State of Mind" rapper is surely living a nice life, and to prove it, he has plenty of multi- million dollar mansions.

He has Bel Air, the Hamptons, and Tribeca houses, but his newest and coolest acquisition is a $2. 6 million mansion called La Casa de Castille in New Orleans' Garden District.

For its heaps of personality, he and Beyonce purchased the home. Before it was renovated into a home, it used to be a church that was converted into a ballet studio, but the Carters retained a lot of its original historical architecture.

Vintage columns and crown moldings, an area of the choir that has been turned into a loft, and church pews are used as decorations.

With millions of dollars worth of contemporary art and neon colored walls, the couple even spruced the room up.

The house is divided into three spacious apartments and has one of the largest gardens on the roof in all of New Orleans.

It' s close the glitzy house of Solange Knowles in the French Quarter, and it provides a perfect view of the festivities of Mardi Gras.

The home certainly provides a lot of rich Louisiana vibes for the couple while they stay there, with antique furniture galore.

A For a tour of the Carters' New Orleans home, check out this video, plus a peek at Jay Z' s real estate portfolio. Worth more than $100 million, it' s probably going to steal your breath away.

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