LADIES, Here are the useful tips to keep a man. Opinion

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A man's decision to stay makes a man stay.... No other external factor can outside that decision can make a man stay .Ngoba nje a man can stay with a wife who can't bear children while another man can use that as an excuse to leave. So a man's decision to man up is wat keeps him.

A man that loves you shouldn’t want to be kept...and doesn’t require you to do anything to keep him,he will just be there.Just be your true self for the very beginning. I also think a man that leaves later discovers that you aren’t who you portrayed yourself to be,so it’s tricky.

1 he must b ready 2 b kept 

2, if 1 is yes den love him

3, if 1&2 obtained den respect

4, if de above are championed den begin de journey to his heart ❤ n pass through his stomach as the old says.

5, once u arrived de heart destination den give him lot of segs as final nail.

Emotional, mental and spiritual compatability. Materialistic things alone won't 'make a man stay'. Having said that, it's not women's fault. Until we as men start seeking the above-mentioned things, we will never be able to stay with one woman. It's not your fault ladies


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