BREAKING: A Police Constable Commits Murder After Killing Six.

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Instances of murder and manslaughter has been escalating over the past few months. Many people have ended up losing their lives, some losing their loved ones and confidants. The root cause into the matter has not yet been probed.

It was a shocking scenario when a police Constable based in Kabete police station killed six people amongst whom was his wife before shooting himself. The police officer is said to have begun shooting indiscriminately on the Monday night of December 2021 around the Kabete area which saw five people loosing their lives. After this diabolic act, he proceeded to her business enterprise to meet his wife.

Upon arrival at the business centre, he asked the wife to close the shop and come with her. Upon arrival at J apartment where they reside, the officer is said to have shot his wife killing her instantly. Furthermore, he is said to have shot himself after killing the wife causing the fatality number raising to seven.

Quoting from an eye witness, " he inflicted injuries on the wife's head before heading to his car where he put the cock of his gun and fired." Why the officer did such a satanic act remains unanswered.

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