List of female celebrities you did not know that were born males

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Let's start with a well known person Laverne Cox , became the first transgender to be nominated for an Emmy awards , for her role in Orange is the New Black. She was born a man ,but as she grew older ,she insisted on telling everyone she was a girl .

This America's Next Top Model has been a girl for as long as we've known her . When she was a child and a boy ,she did everything we would expect a small girl to do. She is been aware that she was born in the incorrect way or body ,since she was a toddler.

Carmen is currently one of the hottest women on earth ,and I am sure most of you all didn't notice that she was once a male. After appearing in season three of Logo TVs Rupaul's Drag race ,she rocketed to notoriety. After being sacked from the show ,she underwent gender transition surgery in the hopes of, securing more TV jobs. Unfortunately she quickly releazed that she was dreaming too large .

On the basis of her appearance , who'd have guessed that she was a man? In 2007 ,a man who ran a modelling agency ,saw Andrej selling burgers at a Mc Donald's in Melbourne Australia. He was so captivated with the boy's borne structure, and dorminating presence that he offered him a modelling job, and instructed him to calm them and set up an appointment , so that they may perhaps sign him.

She is arguably one of the most famous converts,she was the Jenners and Kardashians father before becoming their mother .

Jenner has undergo the gender reassignment surgery too.

"I was wishing I was homosexual ", high fashion model Leah T said in an interview with Oprah that she was a male when she was born ,but she went for surgery to be completely a female .

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