Watch Heartbreaking Video Of Teacher Being Assaulted By Grade 6 School Boy

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Schools are institutions of education where learner students go in order to broaden their mindsets as well as gain knowledge from the educators who studied for years in order to be able to pass on the knowledge they gathered throughout the years as well as create and make these learners grow up and become decent human beings in society.

Educational institutions are meant to be places of comfort. They are meant to be places of learning as well as places where learners leave home and go to school. It becomes their second home and the teachers become their second parents. Learning institutions are also places where people are meant to feel safe, from the educators to the learners, but we find that in most cases, at schools, there are many learners who are ill-disciplined and cause havoc at school.

They also make teaching experiences for teachers horrible as well as other learners. These learners come from their homes to disrespect the people they are meant to be listening to when they are not bullying their own peers. The end of bullying teachers and disrespecting them Unfortunately, there

have been many cases where teachers have been assaulted and abused by learners, and unfortunately, there isn't much the teachers can do because of the loss in South Africa when it comes to protecting school learners. Recently, a video trended on Facebook showing a grade 6 learner beating up an educator.

This video left many individuals in shock because of how the learner was attacking the teacher with no shame. He continuously went back to the teacher to hit her while she was doing nothing but standing still. Learners in South Africa seem like they no longer respect their elders, let alone their educators. And a student who is especially in grade 6 and feels comfortable about beating up a teacher was clearly raised in a disrespectful home. Hopefully, now that the incident has been recorded, the learner will get punished.

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