Top 5 websites in Kenya that pay good money via M-PESA and Paypal


According to, the unemployment rate among the Kenyan youth as of 2020 stands at 7%. As a result, online writing has created many jobs for freelancers in search of self-employment opportunities. This has been coupled with widespread internet connectivity around the country with Internet Service Providers offering cheap data packages to individuals and homes. Online writing has boomed in Kenya as people of different professions can join and earn easily with just a laptop, reliable internet connectivity, and a few easily acquirable skills. This article discusses five websites in Kenya that offer article writing jobs.

The first platform is UPwork. The platform offers different categories such as, SEO optimization, Virtual Assistance, Web App development, Graphic design, and writing. On upwork, clients post job offers and willing freelancers submit proposals to receive the tasks. Compensation is available in form of hourly or fixed price contracts that are guaranteed by Upwork work policies. In particular, it is a good platform for kenyans since payments can be processed through M-PESA.

The second platform is nerdy turtles. The platform offers a wide variety of writing projects ranging from, academic writing, copy writing, blogging, creative, and market report writing. To start earning, one only has to sign-up, take a test, and take on orders available on the platform. On this platform, you can comfortably work from home and receive monthly payments. On average, a 2000 word essay can earn you 4800 ksh.

The third website is Fiverr. Fiverr is undoubtedly one of the major platforms for online writers. With a laptop, internet connection, and a Skype address, a writer can receive tasks from all around the world. Articles are availabe for different fields like academic writing, research, and translation. The platform allows writers to determine their own rates, and the payment is guaranteed.

The fourth website is Once you create a writers account on this website, you will be able to make applications for a range of orders. Each orders comes with specific instructions on the required page number, citation style, and the deadline for submission. The client’s academic level, subject, and topic have to be thoroughly reviewed before commencing work on the task. The following niches are available on this website; architecture, law, medicine, nursing, and health.

The fifth website is Hire Writers The platform offers different types of tasks including, ghost writing, amazon reviews, web content writing, technical writing, and article rewriting. The first step is to create a profile and include any samples you may have written. After sign up, you send a job application from the available orders. On completion, payment can be withdrawn through paypal or M-PESA.

Online writing is creating employment for many Kenyans. The above five websites are just a tip off the iceberg. Good luck finding the most lucrative writing platform for you.