Kenyans "Roast" Gideon Moi Over His Latest Remarks on BBI Bill's Court Verdict


Baringo County Senator Hon Gideon Moi's post has triggered online debate after he pinned a new message of dissatisfaction on the Constituitional Ammendment Bill which the High Court termed unconstitutional on May 13, 2021.

Senator Moi is among the frontline Members of Parliament who have since been drumming up support for the Building Bridges Initiative Bill ahead of the highly expected referendum.

In his remarks, the KANU party leader stated that him and his One Kenya Alliance counterparts are not satisfied with the 5-bench judges of the High Court who delivered ruling terming the Bill and it's processes unlawful.

According to the lawmaker, he has expressed his great hopes that the Court of Appeal shall overturn the verdict urging Kenyans to be patient as they anticipate the execution.

"We also respectfully registered our disatisfaction with High Court ruling on BBI Bill but call on all Kenyans to be patient as we wait the execution of appeal in the hope that the Court of Appeal will uphold the will of the people." Baringo Senator posted.

However, Kenyans have angrily roasted the KANU leader as they dispute with his claims that the High Court didn't rule in their favor.

Kenyans further reacted that the High Court upheld the will of the people which made the BBI Bill termed unconstitutional.


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