Three Reasons Why Men Marry Wrong Wives


Thinking that God will give you a good wife may be biblical and very true, but where can you find one? Travelers, social and business gatherings suggest you can find them in homes, schools, party and club halls, transit areas, and even in churches and mosques. A gentle man, thanks to technology, can follow the beautiful woman he admires to any part of the world.

Good women, like good men, are the product of a good education. Discrimination against girls is long gone and society has put them in a better position to make an unwavering contribution. Now they sit and eat with men in high places and in many cases cheaper than men.

A good wife can be a good wife, but a good wife can become a bad wife in the hands of a bad husband. Gentle men can get the most out of beautiful women. But marrying an abusive and unethical woman is suicidal. Defining a man as a bad wife would include nagging, overspending, unfriendly relationships with his immediate family, inadequate support, and other bad behavior.

But the truth is that whatever the woman is, the man contributes to her. Relationships are an opportunity for a man and woman in love to explore their goals and aspirations for a possible future marriage. They have to create harmony and a better self-image. On the other hand, some relationships are only there to give moments and help us grow without getting married. However, the experience gained can be useful for future marital relationships.

The contribution women make in relationships is enormous because they are often the connecting line. Women will always feel comfortable in a comfortable home and enjoy the offer. Their innate nature is to be loved and cared for, just as it is natural for men to love and admire beautiful women.

The warmth of a woman is every man's insatiable quest. Her aura and radiant skin could make a man sing praises just to touch her, not to mention her charming looks that crushed the great men of the past. Even the saints in the Bible describe them perfectly.

For various reasons, there comes a time in a man's life when he decides to get married. Some are lucky enough to marry highly educated women, while others fall victim to their choice.

Here are three reasons men will marry the wrong woman.

1. She is very beautiful.

Many men marry queens and princesses just because of their appearance. His desire to turn her into a woman can overshadow his sanity. Even though he knew her behavior was weak, he still wanted to marry her.

He could use whatever resources he had just to make sure he didn't lose them. Telling about her attractive body features, from body shape to back, soft lips to front donation, is another reason to marry her. It would be even more devastating to lose it even in someone else's hands.

2. It is working class and can support me.

In economic situations, many men prefer to marry working class women or wait for this educated girl to do something.

Finally he was able to marry a working-class woman, even though he knew their relationship was incompatible. But if he decided to wait for the educated girl to get a job, he might lose her to another man. Having the courage to marry an educated girl and investing in her can help.

3. I don't know when to let go of a relationship.

Plants cannot live without rain. Rain irrigates the soil so the plants can survive.

You need a little rain to be successful. Storms are meant to test our resilience and prepare us for the greater things that lie ahead. Human relationships are full of ups and downs. Failure and struggle. But the truth is, without this waterfall, you can't be sure who your true friends are. Sometimes it's right to let a bad situation happen or walk away.

Author's conclusion

Marriage is ideal for a man and a woman who clearly understand their differences in behavior and their unwavering commitment to the formation of a family. Marrying out of pity, out of material pursuits, or how handsome or handsome he is is bullshit. A man must be determined in any relationship if he is to be respected and followed by his partner. He must establish principles, create friendly communication and allow scenarios that can improve his relationship.


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