SHS Student Invents A Solution To Dumsor.


I couldn't stop watching a video of an invention by Abanga Abdul-Karim Ibrahim, a student at Ghana Senior High School in Tamale and a member of the energy efficiency and conservation club.

You can't afford to miss this video, which would be ideal for playing on our national television to motivate the youth instead of showing phoney Mallams and Pastors who lead the youth astray.

Because we don't solely rely on hydroelectric power generation at home, the young man has come up with a project that generates electricity, which will help to alleviate the country's current power outages. The good news is that there are no other costs besides the initial capital he used to set up the project; you won't have to pay anyone, and there will always be a flow of current whether you use hydroelectric power or not.

It appears that the children of this generation are willing to help the country, but whether our leaders are willing to accept these ideas is another matter. I recall the young boy who did his car, and how sad it would have been if it hadn't been for Apostle Sarfo, who would have taken him seriously.

In order to create this wind-powered household, he used cardboard, a GC motor, wire, and an LED light bulb.

I believe the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology, and Innovation should work with science, research, and development labs at our universities to develop programs for these children.