" Bandits Did Not Kidnap Greenfield Students" - Gumi Says


An Islamic cleric Sheikh Gumi has revealed that the bandits were not responsible for the abduction of the Greenfield University Students. He alleged that the Boko Haram terrorist group was responsible for the act. He, therefore, advised Nigerians not to blame the bandits for the crime.

Recall that some terrorist group had stormed a university called the Greenfield located in Kaduna and abducted so many students in the school. Recall that 3 students were killed after the government refused to pay the ransom demanded by the group.

However, Gumi has explained how he tried to track the group after they had kidnapped the student to put some sense in them to release the students but was confronted by a Nomadic farmer. He expressed how the group warned him not to interfere in their business else they will pick him and he will pay the ransom demanded by them.

He declared that the kidnappers were not the local Fulanis found In the area but we're Fulanis from the Northeast. He, therefore, urged the government to put more effort and act fast to save the scenario from getting the worst

Do you think the Islamic cleric is right about the bandits not kidnapping the students?

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