Gogo left Mzansi in stitches after refusing to be vaccinated

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South African people have trust issues , vaccine has proved that. Ever since corona came , people have been complaining and wanted it to go . They were told that the only way is being vaccinated. There was so much drama that took place before the vaccine came through . But finally it came , people were told to go vaccinate, they don't want to .

There is a video of an old woman the has been trending on social media of her refusing to get vaccinated. It's clear that she doesn't trust that the vaccine works and and just doesn't trust the government as a whole . The video just left people laughing like nobody's business. Checkout the comments below :

As you can see on the comments above , people are agreeing with what she's saying on the video.

What is your take on this? Share your view on the comment section below.

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