8 Small Shifts That Will Solve 80% Of Your Life's Problems.

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1. Celebrate More Frequently.

Your life's minor and huge victories and accomplishments deserve to be recognized. It's a mistake to rush to the next work or objective without acknowledging your accomplishments, even if it's just by patting oneself on the back.

2. Don't Waste Energy on Hate

Hate is an emotional parasite that dulls your vitality and depletes your health. Take action if there is anything wrong with the world that you can fix. You're better off forgiving and forgetting if you can't take action.

3. Avoid Using Negative Words

Stop saying things like "I can't," "It's impossible," and "This won't work." Also, refrain from using profanity. Your mind is programmed by the words you speak. You're turning your intellect into trash when you talk trash.

4. Don't Take Yourself Seriously

The capacity to laugh at yourself not only makes you a happier person, but it also makes you more powerful, influential and appealing to others. Everyone else will be laughing behind your back if you can't laugh at yourself.

5. Don't Try to Win Every Argument

Some fights aren't worth fighting, and many individuals are easier to deal with when they believe they've won. What matters isn't "winning," but rather what you and the other participants intend to do next.

6. Assume People Have Good Intentions.

Because you can't read people's minds, you have no idea why they do what they do. Ascribing ill reasons to other people's strange conduct adds to life's pain, but believing good intentions opens the door to reconciliation.

7. Define "Failure" as "Failing to Take Action"

You have no control over anything but your own actions, regardless of your objectives and milestones. Failure (and hence success) become more manageable when you redefine failure as "failing to take action."

8. Decide That You Must Achieve Your Goals

Never begin an action that will help you achieve your objective by declaring, "I'll try..." Instead, use powerful phrases like "I shall...!" or "I must...!" to describe your behaviour to inspire action.

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