"Tsunami Inakuja" Raila Odinga Speaks About What Awaits The Tangatanga Group Ahead Of 2022 Polls

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Raila Odinga recently launched his presidential bid as he declared that it is his time to be the fifth president of Kenya and he has toured Mwatate in Mombasa county in a bid to lure supporters to join the Azimio la Umoja coalition ahead of 2022 polls. He declared that he has been talking about the 'tsunami' as he revealed that the Tangatanga group will not hide this time and it will sweep them since they have been promising residents without fulfilling their promises.

Moreover, he lured the residents that they should be ready to be his soldiers so that he will be the fifth and everyone should have a voters card, while those who have not yet registered will have to do early next month to be Raila's soldiers.

"Mimi nawataka wote muwe polisi wangu, na nilazima uwe na kitambulisho na kura, na wale amboa hawajajiandikisha natumai mtafanya mwezi ujao," Raila said.


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