After Donald Trump Left White House, See What He Said During His 1st Political Appearance


Former United States President Donald Trump said he doesn't have plans to initiate fresh political party, as he will split up the Republican vote.

The former president, during his 1st political appearance at a guarded conference in Florida, also said he might run for the presidential seat again in 2024.

The speech came weeks after he was cleared of impeachment case. Donald Trump accused his successor, he said the US policy has gone from the United States first to the United States last.

The conservative meeting was the country's largest meeting of conservative militants, and diplomats, and it is the place where they make the decisions on the direction of the Republican Party.

Committed conservatives in the CPAC praised, and applauded Mr Trump, he said the journey they started 4 years ago back is not yet over.

I'm standing before you today to announce that the tremendous journey we started together 4 years back is not over yet, he said.

Donald Trump said that the reason for their meeting is to talk about the future of the motion, the future of their party, and the future of their beloved country.

He said the news that has been circulating that he wants to begin a fresh political party is fake news. He said the Republican Party will unite, and will be powerful than before.

During his speech at CPAC, Donald Trump repeated the allegations that he lost the election in November to the Democrats, due to electoral corruption.

He condemned the new government, condemned President Joe Biden for reversing his border, and immigration safety policy.