Everything you need to know about myocarditis: The disease that affected Alphoso Davies

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On January 14, 2022, Bayern Munich reported that their Canadian full- back, Alphonso Davies has stopped training due to a heart condition known as myocarditis.

The question most people will ask is how severe or dangerous is myocarditis and will the Canadian come back to the field?

Myocarditis is a heart disease characterized by the inflammation of the heart muscle. When the rheumatic fever was common, it was the major cause of this problem. However, this condition can also be caused by other diseases, typically, viral infections.

Although not clinically verified, this disease is associated with a virus that causes flu or cold- like symptoms. This makes coronavirus a suspect in Alphonso Davies' case.

The surge in the number of cases can be a cause. If true, then the devastating effects of COVID- 19 are extending.

The most common symptoms of myocarditis are aching pain around the heart area, irregular or rapid pulse, low blood pressure, and sometimes fever. Since it is easy to confuse this disease with others, clinical examination is necessary.

The severity of the condition ranges from mild which goes away on its own to severe which may permanently destroy the heart' s ability to pump blood. This results from the permanent weakening and scarring of the heart muscles.

The heart' s inability to pump blood to all parts of the body means the individual will become weak and fatigued. This also increases the chances of stroke and heart attacks or failure. Care must be taken then.

It is possible that this condition may escalate to cardiac arrest where athletes die on the pitch. The condition is likely if the patient is showing symptoms of arrhythmias (Unusual heartbeat).

Having enough rest and avoiding hard work will ensure the eventual recovery of the heart. It must be noted that the disease may come back if care is not taken. People taking drugs should speak to their doctor.

Illegal drugs such as cocaine can also cause this condition. The person will need to put an immediate stop to it. Never joke with this condition. Visit the hospital immediately.

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